Question: If your playground equipment is made of steel. How come it does not rust?  
Answer: All steel components, tube, flatbar, plate, angle, bar, joints and chain used in the manufacture of Safeplay Playground equipment are galvanised to prevent rust. All welds are ground down cleaned up and painted over with cold galvanising.  All steel work is painted with two coats of PA10 undercoat primer as further protection against rust and corrosion followed by two coats of quality enamel paint finish in bright colours.

Question: But we live on the coast, right by the ocean. Are you sure it will not rust.
Answer: H.W. Commons CC has been manufacturing, supplying and installing steel playground equipment in and around greater Durban for more than 30 years. We understand the coastal climate and know what precautions are required to protect exterior steelwork from damage by the enviroment including rain and moisture as well as the salty sea air of the coast. We have in the past supplied a number of caravan parks, family holiday resorts and holiday flats on the Kwa-Zulu Natal North and South Coast with playgrounds. It must however, be taken into consideration that playground equipment is designed to be played upon by hoards of sometimes very rowdy boisterous youngsters whilst withstanding the effects of the elements and can receive scratches. Simple maintenance and touching up of any damaged paintwork from time to time will add considerably to the life span of your equipment. Like anything you own you need to take care of it if you want it to remain in good condition.    

Question: Which is better, Steel or wooden playground equipment?
Answer: Here at Safeplay we believe that greater benefits are to be had by children playing on Steel playground equipment for example the smaller size of the tubular steel used in the construction of Safeplay jungle gyms and climbing apparatus enables a child to more easily grip.  

A badly constructed wooden playground can become loose at the joints and begin to wobble with the risk that it may collapse which poses a danger to your kids. Any piece of badly designed and or manufactured playground equipment can pose a potential danger to children. We are not against timber playground equipment at all in fact we are the leading supplier of add on steel attachments for timber adventure style playgrounds and supplier to many of the top timber playground suppliers.   

Timber playground equipment is in most cases required, by nature of its design and construction, to be assembled on site and can not therefore be relocated. 

Question: If I am renting the house I live in can I install some playground equipment in the garden for my children.
Answer: Yes of course. Although most of our Safeplay range of playground equipment requires that it be installed the installation in most cases is simply a matter of digging holes for the legs of the apparatus and firmly planting the legs into the ground. This means that if you are renting a house and need to move elsewhere you can simply uproot your playground equipment and relocate it to your new home.

Question: Do I have to install the playground equipment myself? 
Answer: We deliver and install playground equipment in and around the greater Durban area, we do however supply playground equipment throughout KZN and beyond, for which delivery can be arranged,  however in these cases the customer usually assumes responsibility for installation. Installation of most products is very simple and installation instructions and advice is readily available.   

Question: Can I hire playground equipment from you?
Answer: No, we do not offer playground equipment for hire.

Question: What payment options do I have?
Answer: Cash, Bank Guaranteed Check, Direct deposit,  online banking transfer can all be used to pay for playground equipment. Although we do not offer credit card budget purchasing a customer can easily arrange to make payment using the extended credit or budget facility on their credit card by simply presenting a pro forma invoice from us for the purchase price of the products  to their bank who can then arrange for the payment to be made to us and for the amount to be debited as an extended credit purchase on their credit card. As soon as the payment has be made to us by the bank, arrangements will be made with the customer for the delivery and installation of the playground equipment. This enables the customer to determine the repayment period. It is easy to arrange and many customers haven chosen this method of payment. 

Question: Can adults play on the playground equipment?
Answer: In most cases yes, Safeplay playground is designed and manufactured to be sturdy and robust. Many adult has been known to hog the swings at times and find a good vigorous swinging session to be an invigorating experience.

Question: How much maintenance does the equipment require?
Answer: Safeplay playground requires very little maintenance as a result of its quality construction. Depending on the frequency of use the equipment may from time to time require minor maintenance  i.e. a touch of paint here or there. A well maintained piece of equipment can last a lifetime.  

Question: If I live in another province state or country can I order from you?
Answer: The logistics of supplying a single piece of equipment to a customer half way around the world are to costly to make this feasible. However should you be interested in an export trade enquiry then we will be happy to discuss this with you. 




Question: I have my own welding machine in my garage please can you give me some advice as I want to rip off your designs and make my kids a jungle gym out of some old steel off cuts that I have lying around. Of course I may thereafter decide to go into competition with you by selling cheap and nasty pieces of equipment to an unsuspecting public, while of course still working from my garage using your designs and utilizing the engineering and steel working expertise of my garden boy. 
About that advice?

Answer: Pull the other one its got bells on it.


Question: Hold old do my kids have to be to play on your equipment?


Question: How much space will I need for a playground?

Question: How do I go about ordering some playground equipment?

Question: How long after placing my order will the equipment be installed?

Question: What equipment do I need for a school playground?

Question: Can I have the equipment painted in other colours?

Question: Do you offer a guarantee on your playground equipment?

Question: What do I do with my playground equipment now that my kids have outgrown it?

Question: Do I get a discount if I buy a lot of equipment?

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Safplay playground equipment has been manufactured for Municipal parks, schools, creches and residential use by H.W.Commons cc for more than 30 years. Safplay playground equipment is designed to ensure optimum safety while allowing children the opportunity to develop co-ordination and motor skills in a fun and safe environment. Each item in the range is manufactured using top quality materials and finishes and are built to last.



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